HYPE! Is an exhibition that is dedicated to street art and graffiti interpreted by local artists running June 5 – 26, 2021produced by The Studio Door in collaboration with local art collectors Don Manor and  Nancy Hunter.

“NEIGHBORING OPINIONS” from the Artist’s PROTEST SERIES to be a featured piece at The Studio Door’s HYPE! exhibition. Original mixed acrylic painting on 60″h x 36″w x 1.5″d premium stretched canvas. San Diego, CA 2019. $7,500. Artist’s signature, year and piece number on back of canvas.

Angels in Transition 3, 4 and 5

No. 2366. Angels in Transition 3

No. 2366. “Going Home Series: Angels in Transition 3” Available $1,500.

No. 2367. Angels in Transition 4

No. 2367. “Going Home Series: Angels in Transition 4” Available $1,500.

No. 2368. Angels in Transition 5

No. 2368. “Going Home Series: Angels in Transition 5” Available $1,500.

“Angels in Transition 1 and 2”

After a 2+ year hiatus and the passing of my partner, I managed to begin painting again. I called on my art guides Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro to assist me in creating great works. The results are quite gratifying to me. But it appears at completion that Karel Appel popped in to usurp any Pablo influence in these pieces.

I present to you two pieces “Angels in Transition 1” and “Angels in Transition 2” from what will become the “Going Home Series”. Of course you can rotate the pieces for additional viewing pleasure, hence my inclusion of four views of each of the two pieces.

No. 2364. “Angels in Transition 1”

No. 2364. “Going Home Series: Blue Angels in Transition 1” Available $1,500.

No. 2365. “Angels in Transition 2”

No. 2365. “Going Home Series: Angels in Transition 2” Available $1,500.


No. 2278, No. 2279 & No. 2280. Wellness Dream Series: “Jacko’s Jazz” Triptych 24″h x 72″w. Original Mixed Acrylic on three 24″h x 24″w Premium Quality Stretched Canvases. Giclee prints on stretched canvas are available by custom order.

Jack L. Schell – The SoundWeaver

August 13, 1959 – June 10, 2018

Listen to Jack’s Jazz from his piano solo album, Ageless Music




Montezuma Hall / Aztec Student Union, San Diego State University

I am proud to announce that I will be a featured artist at this event, where my art will be auctioned for a wonderful cause. Please consider attending.

This event is guaranteed to be a memorable time with great art by my associates, wonderful food and  World-class entertainment by my friend, Mike Garson and The Mike Garson Quartet.

The Mike Garson Quartet: pianist Mike Garson (David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails); drummer Denny Seiwell (Paul McCartney, Wings, Leon Russell); bassist Marlon Martinez (Stewart Copeland, Burt Bacharach) and Sami Shapiro (2017 National Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.)

Tickets are $250 each and includes Dinner. All donations are tax deductible. Register Here!

The Community Alliance Program (CAP) is an association of businesses, groups, and individuals with one common goal: to improve lives by meeting our communities most critical needs.

On the Healing Path from the Artist’s On the Path to Wellness Series – Sharing Love: Triptych 36″h x 156″w. Original Mixed Acrylic on Premium Quality Stretched Canvases.

This vibrant and mesmerizing painting is an homage to American abstract expressionism and a wild and free expression of color. The aesthetic is a mirror of the physical act of the artist painting. The large gestural brushstrokes recall the movements that Kazanjian must have made to create them. Energetic and free flowing, the bright, positive colors match the tempestuous motions of the artist’s hand, body and eye.

“On the Healing Path” celebrates color, and looks to connect with its audience on an emotional, physiological and spiritual level. The artist invites and delights in individual interpretations, stating that: ‘The unplanned friendly images that seem to appear from various viewing perspectives continue to amuse and delight me.

Roy Lichtenstein once advised Kazanjian to not ‘be afraid of adding structure and balance to anchor all that energy in your work.’ This influence can be felt in the thick navy blue and green swathes of color that work as compositional anchors to tie together the other gestural lines and emotive splatters of acrylic paint. These have been applied using large brushes and rollers, and their paths can be traced like a journey through each painting in the triptych.

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Film Strip Series Works to be Featured

No. 2307. Film Strip Series: “Musical Art Pieces – Film Score”. $2,450. Original Mixed Acrylic on 24″h x 40″w x 1.5″ Premium Quality Stretched Canvas.

Film Strip Series Works to be Featured

We are proud to announce that 4 pieces of art from John R Kazanjian Art’s Film Strip Series will be on display at the Jazzercise Corporate Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. from October 2017 through April 2018. These selections are available for sale. Please message us for additional information.

Introducing the Flavor Series – Original Accent Paintings

We wanted to create some very affordable pieces of John R Kazanjian Art. The latest addition to the Accent Pieces Gallery is our Flavor Series of original mixed acrylic paints on 12″ x 12″ x 0.5″ stretched canvases. Use these fine art pieces where an accent would pick up a lackluster tight space such as kitchens and baths.  Click on the thumbnail images to view larger images that show the glorious details in each painting. Enjoy!


No. 2282. “Traveling through the Pleiades.”

No. 2282. “Traveling through the Pleiades.” I’ve recently been admiring this composition completed in Las Vegas in 2014 as part of my Wellness Dream Series of energy and healing art. The piece is directed toward clearing the “crown” seventh chakra. Original mixed acrylic paints on 24″ x 48″ x 1.5″ premium stretched canvas, this piece may be hung vertically or horizontally to suit various placements. Enjoy!

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No. 2282. Wellness Dream Series: "Travelling through the Pleiades". $1,750. Original Mixed Acrylic on 24"h x 48"w x 1.5" Premium Quality Stretched Canvas.
No. 2282. Wellness Dream Series: “Travelling through the Pleiades”. $1,750. Original Mixed Acrylic on 24″h x 48″w x 1.5″ Premium Quality Stretched Canvas.

No. 2320. Film Strip Series: “Neighboring Opinions”.

No. 2320. Film Strip Series: “Neighboring Opinions”. Original Mixed Acrylic on stretched canvas 36″ x 60″ x 1.5″.

In “Neighboring Opinions”, I portray how neighborhoods or countries all deal with the same issues of life, hence the dark tones … the outpouring of color connotes how each assimilate their beliefs and cultures for survival, growth and daily life improvement.

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No. 2320. Film Strip Series: "Neighboring Opinions". $3,500. Original Mixed Acrylic on stretched canvas 36" x 60" x 1.5".
No. 2320. Film Strip Series: “Neighboring Opinions”. $3,500. Original Mixed Acrylic on stretched canvas 36″ x 60″ x 1.5″.

Caucasian Carpet Series: No. 2316. “Flying Carpets”.

Caucasian Carpet Series: No. 2316. “Flying Carpets”.

Last year I was experimenting with bringing some structure to my abstract expressionism. Having been fascinated with Caucasian Carpets for years, I employed the symmetry and palette of the Caucasian designs without having to tie 300-600 knots per square inch as my ancestors  did.

Caucasian Carpet Series. Artist influences: Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Yaacov Agam and Sam Francis. © 2010-2022 John R Kazanjian, Las Vegas, NV. Artist Signature, Year and Piece Number on Back of Canvas. Placement: Canvas may be rotated for flexibility in display and for viewers' additional experiences.
No. 2316. Caucasian Carpet Series: “Flying Carpets”. $3,950. Original Mixed Acrylic on 60″h x 36″w x 1.5″  Premium Quality Stretched Canvas.
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