John R Kazanjian ~ Same painting, new perspective

‘It is important to me that my patrons find flexibility and value in the art that I produce. Feel free to rotate my work over the years for renewed pleasure.’

John R Kazanjian Art seeks to breach creative boundaries and tread new ground. This brings to you the best in aesthetic style, insightful artworks and promising investments.

John R Kazanjian has developed his own unique approach to abstract painting. He paints artworks that can be rotated and displayed any way that the patron prefers. Horizontally, vertically, inverted; his energetic paintings are never created to be hung with only one fixed top and bottom. Even the diptychs and triptychs can be pieced together either vertically or horizontally, and rotated as well. See his oeuvre here at

When you purchase a John R Kazanjian, you receive more than a painting, because of this special aspect of his original artworks. His exuberant style concerns itself with the qualities and healing properties of pure color and form.  He works furiously on each canvas, from all angles, to achieve balance and lock his creative energy into his expressive paintings.

It is you who finishes the work with your personal response and interpretation. Kazanjian is fascinated by what viewers find in his works, how they read his positive messages, and owning an artwork that can be hung from all angles is like possessing an entire series of abstract paintings.  Alternating the way that they are hung, and moving his artworks gives them new life, enabling a huge number of perspectives from which they can be engaged with and enjoyed.

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No. 2278, No. 2279 & No. 2280. "Jacko's Jazz" Triptych 24"h x 72"w x 1.5". Original Mixed Acrylic on three 24″h x 24″w Premium Quality Stretched Canvases. Sold only as a triptych.
No. 2278, No. 2279 & No. 2280. “Jacko’s Jazz” Triptych 24″h x 72″w x 1.5″. Original Mixed Acrylic on three 24″h x 24″w x 1.5″ Premium Quality Stretched Canvases. On Exhibit in Zichey Palace, Bratislava, Slovakia in the International Artists Exhibit for the 2nd World Art Games.