“Angels in Transition 1 and 2”

After a 2+ year hiatus and the passing of my partner, I managed to begin painting again. I called on my art guides Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro to assist me in creating great works. The results are quite gratifying to me. But it appears at completion that Karel Appel popped in to usurp any Pablo influence in these pieces.

I present to you two pieces “Angels in Transition 1” and “Angels in Transition 2” from what will become the “Going Home Series”. Of course you can rotate the pieces for additional viewing pleasure, hence my inclusion of four views of each of the two pieces.

No. 2364. “Angels in Transition 1”

No. 2364. “Going Home Series: Blue Angels in Transition 1” Available $1,500.

No. 2365. “Angels in Transition 2”

No. 2365. “Going Home Series: Angels in Transition 2” Available $1,500.