My Definition of “Rotating Your Art”

It is important to me that my patrons find flexibility and value in the art that I produce. I compose each canvas considering all four orientation sides so there is not just one display positioning for each piece. This enhances the patron’s ability to hang the art horizontally or vertically as they select alternate locations for display. Feel free to rotate my work over the years for renewed pleasure. The diptychs and triptychs can be pieced together either vertically or horizontally and then rotated as well. Check out the video of  of my dyptich “Crystal Bay”.  Video and music by Jack Schell – The Soundweaver.


One thought on “My Definition of “Rotating Your Art””

  1. I face the same issues of oreintation with my own abstract art. I actually try to paint with a view to all four positions, turning the canvas over and over during composition. If it works in any position, it’s always a strong and satisfying piece.

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