No. 2278, No. 2279 & No. 2280. “Jacko’s Jazz” Triptych 24″h x 72″w

No. 2278, No. 2279 & No. 2280. Wellness Dream Series: “Jacko’s Jazz” Triptych 24″h x 72″w. Original Mixed Acrylic on three 24″h x 24″w Premium Quality Stretched Canvases. Giclee prints on stretched canvas are available by custom order.

© 2014 John R Kazanjian, Las Vegas, NV. Artist influences: Joan Miro, Sam Francis, Jackson Pollack and Jack Schell – The SoundWeaver. Artist Signature, Year and Piece Number on Back of Canvas. Placement: Triptych Canvases may be paired together horizontally or vertically resulting in displays of 24″H x 72″W or 72″H x 36″W. The original images of this triptych are displayed in the World Art Games Permanent Collection in Zagreb, Croatia.

Jacko’s Jazz is alive with its own sense of style and rhythm. Part of a triptych, this vibrant and mesmerizing painting is a homage to American abstract expressionism and a wild and free expression of color.

The aesthetic is a mirror of the physical act of the artist painting. The large gestural brushstrokes recall the movements that Kazanjian must have made to create them. Energetic and free flowing, the bright, positive colors match the tempestuous motions of the artist’s hand, body and eye. Jacko’s Jazz celebrates color, and looks to connect with its audience on an emotional, physiological and spiritual level. The artist invites and delights in individual interpretations, stating that:

‘The unplanned friendly images of the beings that seem to appear from various viewing perspectives continue to amuse and delight me. This makes for great conversation as other viewers point out their interpretations and express their feelings.’

Roy Lichtenstein once advised Kazanjian to not ‘be afraid of adding structure and balance to anchor all that energy in your work.’ This influence can be felt in the thick green and red swathes of color that work as compositional anchors to tie together the other gestural lines and emotive splatters of acrylic paint. These have been applied using large brushes and rollers, and their paths can be traced like a journey through each painting in the triptych.

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