First Painting Completed at San Diego Studio

First Painting in SD 1 Presenting First Painting in SD 3

“Balboa Park San Diego Zoo” for the Panamanian Centennial Celebration, 2015.

With all the move and World Art Games [WAG ] admin activities, I finally got to painting this weekend. It’s been 3 months and the pent up energy came to life on the canvas easily and quickly. This diptych is on two 36″ x 60″ canvas panels.

I wanted to create a work worthy of tribute to the 2015 Balboa Park Centennial. The beauty of this piece is in its flexibility to form 16 similar but different paintings: four versions of the paintings are 3 ft high x 10 ft long; four diptychs are 10 ft high x 3′ wide; fours pairs are 6 ft high x 5 ft wide, and; four  are 5 ft high x 6 ft long. Watch for our forthcoming video on how that works so wonderfully to add value for the beholder.

I am thrilled with the experiment and the results. And, I just loved the freedom of creating it in my new indoor/ outdoor studio! Having fun out of Las Vegas is an understatement.