No. 2290. “On the Healing Path” – Panel 2

No. 2290. On the Path to Wellness Series – Sharing Love: “On the Healing Path” – Panel 2. Original Mixed Acrylic on 36″h x 36″w x 1.5″ Premium Quality Stretched Canvas. Sold as a triptych with No. 2289 and No. 2291 for $18,000.

© 2014 John R Kazanjian, Las Vegas, NV. Artist influences: Joan Miro, Sam Francis and Jackson Pollack. Original Triptych Canvases sold as a set of 3 only. Artist Signature, Year and Piece Number on Back of Canvases. Placement: Triptych Canvases are to be paired together lengthwise resulting in a display of 36″ H x 156″ W. May be hung horizontally or vertically.

One thought on “No. 2290. “On the Healing Path” – Panel 2”

  1. I feel energized by just viewing this image on line. I can imagine that viewing the piece in person would be exceedingly uplifting and liberating. The painting has managed to convey exuberance, peacefulness, and harmony simultaneously, which is no small feat! While I appreciate it is the “hub” of a triptych, it is a stunning work of art on its own.

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