No. 2263. “Remembrances of Lemuria-4”

No. 2263. Healing Exploration Series – Remembrances of Past Times: “Remembrances of Lemuria-4”. Painting is in the World Art Games WAG Permanent Collection. Original Mixed Acrylic on 24″h x 24″w x 1.5″ Quality Stretched Canvas.

© 2014 John R Kazanjian, Las Vegas, NV. Artist influences: Joan Miro and Salvador Dali. Artist Signature, Year and Piece Number on Back of Canvas. Placement: Canvas may be rotated for flexibility in display and for viewers’ additional experiences. On 24″x24″x1.5″ premium stretched canvas.

One thought on “No. 2263. “Remembrances of Lemuria-4””

  1. This piece evokes memories of my childhood and early adulthood. The mix of colors makes me feel as if I am back in South Florida, at the beach, enjoying the surf. These same colors are seen in a twilight seascape my father painted that hangs in my home. The piece exhibits a sense of balance that appeals to my personal aesthetic. The smooth and rhythmic movement of the colors is calming to me, despite the exciting contrast of the colors themselves.

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