No. 2256 & No. 2257. “Mardi Gras New Orleans” as Diptych 36″h x 96″w

No. 2256 & No. 2257. Healing Exploration Series – Remembrances of Past Times. “Mardi Gras New Orleans” as Diptych 36″h x 96″w. Original Mixed Acrylic on 48″h x 36″w on Stretched Canvas. Two diptych panels No. 2256 & No. 2257 sold as a set only for $6,500.

© 2014 John R Kazanjian, Las Vegas, NV. Artist influences: Joan Miro and Alexander Calder. Artist Signature, Year and Piece Number on Back of Canvas. Placement: Diptych Canvases may be paired together horizontally or vertically resulting in displays of 36″H x 96″W or 48″H x 72″W.

One thought on “No. 2256 & No. 2257. “Mardi Gras New Orleans” as Diptych 36″h x 96″w”

  1. To me, I feel playful, full of life, and even softness when I experience this piece. The title of Mardi Gras New Orleans, makes me think of stepping out and masquerading as something or someone else and letting your inhibitions go, but this piece calls forth to me the expression of the truth of you, no hiding, no masks, all sides of the whole. It’s extraordinary!

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