2306. Eagle Kazak – The Touch

No. 2306. Caucasian Carpet Series: “The Touch” or “Eagle Kazak”. Original mixed acrylic paints on 60″ x 40″ x 1.5″ stretched canvas. $4,450.

Caucasian Carpet Series: “The Touch” or “Eagle Kazak”. Last year I was experimenting with bringing some structure to my abstract expressionism. Having been fascinated with Caucasian Carpets for years, I employed the symmetry and palette of the Caucasian designs without having to tie 300-600 knots per square inch as my ancestors did.

Las Vegas 2015. Artist signature, year and piece number on back of canvas. Placement: canvas may be rotated for flexibility in display and for viewers’ additional experiences. Artist influences: Joan Miro, Sam Francis, Armenian Caucasian carpet weavers.

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